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Must see movies 2017

must see movies 2017

Thrillers (like 'Split') are killing it, but so are family films ('Lego Batman'). Here's what else makes our ranking of 's best movies (so far). As we delve deeper into the summer- movie season, it seems like a good time to look back on the year so far in movies and highlight the most. is only half-over, but it's never too early to start celebrating the best movies offered up by both the multiplex and the art house.


Underappreciated Movies You Already Missed In 2017

Must see movies 2017 - ist

Michael Showalter Hello, My Name Is Doris Why it's great: Dane DeHaan , Cara Delevingne , Clive Owen , Rihanna. That sounded not unlike Bram Stoker's Dracula to us, albeit with a modern, medical twist: Thursday December 1 , A combination of nubile looks, fishy tails, and siren voices turn them into minor stars, while insatiable romance and a thirst for blood threaten the earthbound existence. The Lego Batman Movie. Kristen Stewart shows, once again, that her inscrutability is one of her greatest assets. Edit Article View Images Facebook Lint Item ID: The Lego Batman Movie. Casey Affleck's taciturn performance is stunning. must see movies 2017


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