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Does tony stark have a heart

does tony stark have a heart

Iron Man has this blue circular thing on his chest. He always has it on, Does anyone know why he needs that thing, what it is, and what it does? Thanks! The magnetic plate is to keep the shrapnel from reaching his heart. Since his first appearance in the '60s, Iron Man has gone through a huge a device in his chest to keep the shrapnel in his body out of his heart. . any power source would do the same (but wouldn't be nearly as cool!). This question already has an answer here: Why did Tony Stark keep the electromagnet in his chest? 6 answers. One of the plot points of Iron.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The magnetic plate is to keep the shrapnel from reaching his heart. However, when he got back to the US during Iron Man and Iron Man 2 , why didn't he have the shrapnel removed? Something like cold fusion or some other mystical technology never seem before! As Iron Man 3 points out, he just wants it to be part of him. Surely that makes a good drama line, ended nicely by cleaning it. Why didn't he remove it then? Why did Tony Stark keep the electromagnet in his chest? In the screenshot above, Tony is having Ms. Does Tony Stark Iron Man Have a Heart in His Chest? Harm comdirect depot kosten minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show. If he removes the source of the poison, the shrapnel in his body will reach his heart, and he will die.


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WIESBADEN.DE/STELLENAUSSCHREIBUNG With her too weak to withstand the necessary surgery, Tony decided to implant a magnet in her chest, much like the one that he has in his, to keep the shrapnel out of her heart until she could undergo surgery. One of the plot points of Iron Man 2 is that Tony Stark is being slowly poisoned casio fun timer aw-80v-3bvef death by the palladium that powers his chest arc reactor; and he can't just do without the reactor, because that is the only thing that prevents the shrapnel in his chest from entering his heart. Additionally, Tony has shown that he likes trying to solve his problems himself, plus a belief that technology can fix everything, for example, he chose to mess with replacing his arc reactor completely alone, until finally he asked Pepper to help. A MRI could very well find the shards, but the magnets would pull the shrapnel out, destroying most of his lungs and heart in the process. Which means also finding out a way to get rid of the shrapnel he found a way to get it out after fixing whatever the crazy guy did to Pepper. A bright light was shone on the area to create shadows that would hide any obvious edges from the viewer and it worked!
POKERN ONLINE Wetteronline fulda then, the reactor has been re-worked and refined over the years, but it remains at the heart pun very much intended! I appreciate that the surgery might be risky, but if the alternative is death by palladium poisoning, you might be willing to take the risk and that's not even counting the fact that Stark, being the genius he is, could have devoted time to devise ways to lower the surgical risk. What is the last movie you watched? Rearranging organs would be no issue though, he was probably missing a bit of lung from the injuries anyway, even if not, think about when they crack the chest for heart surgery, if you put something solid in to keep the ribs apart there's loads of room. This question already has an answer here:


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