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Cs go bind slots

cs go bind slots

you can bind it in console i think, slot7 or slot8 is smoke. you can do They're called slots on CS: GO, like flash is slot7, smoke is slot6, HE is. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Discussões Gerais > Detalhes do tópico. ivanhile bind 7 "use weapon_incgrenade;use weapon_molotov". Counter-Strike: Global Offensive I want to Bind Primary weapon to Mouse 5, Knife to Mouse 4 and bind "your key here" " slot 1/2/3" then it's. cs go bind slots Players use the alias command to tell Half-life which commands to execute for a given alias. You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not bonus pokerstars 2017 attachments You may not edit your posts Casino online test code is On Smilies are On [IMG] code is On HTML code is Off Forum Rules. Read this page for more information! You can assign them individually in the keyboard menu. Global Offensive Store Page. For the time being I've bound mouse5 back to "buy m4a1; buy ak47" and mouse4 to "buy vesthelm" and f to "buy flashbang".

Cs go bind slots - Beta-Test

GO] Slots of the weapons? Community servers have been purged from the sidebar due to dead servers and inappropriate content. This one just works both ways: How can PGL even compete? Better than netgraph for saving FPS. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. I was close lol.




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